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Risk Board Game

Game Board
2 white dice
3 x red dice
Deck of 44 Risk Cards
Six sets of playing pieces - each a different colour
Game rules booklet

Fee: £ 1.00 for 7 days

Location: Remake Newport
Condition: A - As new
Brand: Hasbro
Code: RM-0057

Reproduction 1968 Classic Risk Boardgame
Ages 10 plus
2-6 players

In Risk, the goal is simple: players aim to conquer their enemies' territories by building an army, moving their troops in and engaging in battle. Depending on the roll of the dice, a player will either defeat the enemy or be defeated. This exciting game is filled with betrayal, alliances and surprise attacks. Defeat all of the enemy troops in a territory to conquer that territory and get one step closer to global conquest! The player who completes his or her secret mission first – and reveals the Secret Mission card to prove it – wins.

Take over the world in this game of strategic conquest.

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