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Stand and deliver

6 character cards
60 coach cards
18 ability cards
6 wheels of fate
Purses 1 large and 6 medium
6 player/coach
25 health and notoriety
90 treasure coins
30 gold
30 silver
30 copper
1 rules of play book

Fee: £ 1.00 for 7 days

Location: Remake Newport
Condition: B - Fair
Brand: Dark blade creations
Code: RM-0164

enter the world of outlaws and bandits, footpads and thieves, robbers and brigands. In a time of peril for those who travel the roads by carriage, step into the shoes of one of the most notorious villains in history and be the most cunning, daring and dangerous assailant of the road, as only the very bold and ruthless can take the spoils in "STAND AND DELIVER!".

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Remake Newport