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Surface Cleaner Accessory for Pressure Washer

Kärcher Surface Cleaner

1 x Extension Poles

Fee: £ 3.00 for 4 days

Location: Remake Newport
Condition: B - Fair
Brand: Kärcher
Code: RM-0202

Karcher Surface Cleaner

For fast, efficient cleaning of large outdoor surfaces look no further than the Karcher Surface Cleaner. Featuring a twin jet rotating arm is capable of removing dirt & grime from patios, driveways, paving, brickwork & decking while protecting you & your surroundings from any waste spray & splashes.
Depending on what you are cleaning. This can not only clean hard surfaces such as stone, concrete & brickwork but also more delicate surfaces like wooden decking, fencing & garage doors.

Cleaning areas in around half the time of a standard spray lance, extremely easy to manoeuver thanks to the hovercraft effect created by the water pressure & its ergonomic handle allows vertical surfaces to be cleaned comfortably.

Compatible with K2 - K7

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