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RE:MAKE Newport is a collaborative project between Repair Cafe Wales and Benthyg Cymru.

Funded through the WCVA, the two not-for-profit organisations sought to open Wales' first permanent repair cafe and library of things on a Welsh High Street.

The aim is to encourage people to borrow, not buy, repair, and not throw away.

Supported by Newport City Homes the Skinner Street space was opened in October 2021 and is proud to serve the communities of Newport. The store is a welcoming space for all members of the community to come together to borrow items and share skills.


Repair Cafe Wales aims to open a repair cafe, where members of the public can have household items fixed for free by volunteers, in every community in Wales. Typical items fixed at an event include electrical goods, technology, ornaments, clothes, bicycles for basic maintenance, jewellery and more! Visitors are encouraged to join in and learn how their item is being fixed so that they can attempt similar repair in the future. Since 2017, we have grown from one repair cafe in Cardiff to a network of over 80 repair cafes across Wales. 


       Repair Cafe Wales promotes social cohesion and resilience in the community, facilitating low key but inspirational events, at which people from diverse backgrounds, with various motivations for attending, can connect with each other. We work to address social issues such as poverty, loneliness and isolation, repairing items that would usually have to be replaced at a cost, and supplying safe and inclusive spaces that support community development and improve health and wellbeing.

To find out more visit the Repair Cafe Wales website here

Benthyg Cymru's mission is to operate a network of places where people can:  

  • access affordable borrowing of things they need but don't own, saving money and space in their homes  

  • donate things they own but don't need, contributing to national waste reduction targets   

  • meet to share knowledge and skills with each other, increasing community resilience  

We are building the Benthyg Cymru network by providing insight, expertise and practical resources to develop

accessible and inclusive libraries of things with communities around Wales. Our blueprint empowers each community to tailor its Benthyg branch to its needs while maintaining a common ethos of accessibility, inclusivity and sustainability. 

To find out more visit the Benthyg Cymru website here


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